Virtual Promoter

  • Event Marketing – Mobile Ticket – e-PAYMENT

    Send VIP tickets, invitations and accept MOBILE TICKETS at your entrance

    Mobile ticket selling – One Page Check-Out (OPC)

    Lower the queuing time of your customers

    Analyze and re-target your PR.

    Guide your inbound callers straight to the right person and advertise your events at the same time.

    Sorts your marketing lists, active, in-active, buying behavior, loyalty, not only demographics.

    Schedule messages from your database via Email or SMS at the time they’ll be planning their birthday/corporate/ party.

    Up-sell your events by offering different MOBILE VOUCHER types such as general, Free and VIP.

    Set-and-forget messages to be sent to your contacts, including reminders before or after the dates you choose.

    Scan printed PDF and MOBILE TICKETS with Android device.

    Track online how many tickets and guests your promoters are bringing through the door.

    Send out Mobile Flyers.

    Create Email, SMS and even Social Status updates in advance, then choose the day/time they go out – save hours your time.