Better Service

Cloud Based Auto-Attendant

  • Automated Customer Service

    Warm customer relationships don’t just happen by accident.

    They are built on a superior communication by providing customers with the information they want to get, when they want to get it and even before they know they want it.

    Proactive customer service, and targeted outbound and inpound notifications using multiSender, are cost effective way to power your business, build customer loyalty and generate more revenue.

    Interactivity of multiSender enhances the customer experience by providing the ability to act on information and marketing messages.

    Providing personalized interactions using multiSender will increase customer satisfaction and brand experience.

    • Sales and Marketing
    • Customer Service
    • Help Desk solutions

Boost Your Revenue with multiSender

multiSender offers a cost effective and money saving way of handling your customer communications 24/7 and does not need vacations

Multisender IVR  ( Interactive Voice Response) Switch is easy to manage all-in-one solution that automates interactions with telephone callers.

More and more companies are turning to automated IVR to help reduce the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry and support calls to and from their company.

With multiSender you give your customers the quickest answers to their questions and route them where they want to go, whether they’re calling about a store’s hours of operations, an upcoming trip, a billing issue or technical support.

multiSender IVR significantly reduce customer call handling costs, and can be introduced into your company environment in a number of ways.

    • Lead generation
    • Mobile education
    • Customer market surveys
    • Voting
    • Emergency notifications
    • Gaming
    • Mobile Contests
    • Virtual receptionists
    • Call center automation
    • Order status and tracking
    • Package tracking
    • Voicemail services
    • Voice instant messaging
    • Appointment, Bill and medicine reminder
    • Bill collection
    • Telesales
    • Virtual agents
    • Auto attendants
    • Voice Advertising
    • Click to Call
    • Access control
    • Betting
    • Telehealth systems

MultiSwitch is an automatic switchboard that is fast, friendly, and reliable. It complements or replaces the traditional, manually operated switchboard around the clock and transfers external or internal callers automatically to their desired destinations.

You can use automated interactive calls to motivate people to take preventive action for their health. Medicine reminders, doctor appointments, laboratory results.Multisender offers a cost effective and money saving way